Boys Varsity Wins Fullington Christmas Tournament


Congratulations to the varsity boys’ basketball team for winning the Fullington Christmas Tournament for a second straight year. After the Eagles beat John Hancock Academy 70-35 on Friday, they faced host Fullington Academy on Saturday.

The boys started out strong from the opening tip-off to beat the Trojans 72-51 to claim the title. Senior Stantravious Smith led all scorers in the tournament recording 80 in two games! Joining Stan for the All-Tournament Team were junior Anthony Adams and sophomore Colin Dougherty. Congratulations to the boys team!

The girls varsity team lost a thriller in overtime to John Hancock Academy on Friday 49-48. The Lady Eagles were led by junior Anna Kendrick’s six 3-pointers (18 points for the game) which earned her a spot on the All-Tournament Team! On Saturday, the Lady Eagles won the consolation game against Rock Springs Academy by a score of 41-8.

Ministry Morning at Phoebe Senior Living Center

The second graders at SCA took the Good News through the Christmas story to the Phoebe Senior Living Center on Beattie Road. During their program, they sang praise songs and recited Bible verses to all in attendance. They finished their visit by singing Christmas carols and handing each resident a hand-made Christmas ornament.

The students did a wonderful job sharing the Gospel and the message of hope with the residents. What a blessing to see our students put hands and feet to their faith and share it with others this Christmas season! Good job, second graders!

Fall Sports Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of our fall athletes and their accomplishments on the field and court. Beyond the individual awards, we had an impressive performance in the classroom–87 athletes earned the distinction of Scholar Athlete which constitutes 80% of our fall athletes! Nice job athletes!

Headlining the list this fall are:

State Champion for Girls’ Varsity Cross Country: Joy Kendrick

State Champion for Boys’ Jr. Pro Cross Country: Christian Jackson

State Champion for Girls’ Jr. Pro Cross Country: Julia Kendrick

All-Region Selections for Varsity Cross Country: Joy Kendrick, Anna Kendrick, Catherine Kendrick, Caroline Mathis, Jordan Roberts, Nathan Roberts, Collin Phillips

All-State Selections for Varsity Cross Country: Joy Kendrick, Anna Kendrick, Collin Phillips

All-Region Selections for Varsity Football: Ketavion Curry, Caleb Wiley

Senior All-Star Selection for Varsity Football: Will Alderman

All-Region Selection for Varsity Volleyball: Gracyn Holt 

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the award winners following the end-of-season programs:

Josie Davidson Kingdom Athlete: MS Cheerleading
Johana Ruiz-Garcia Most Spirited: MS Cheerleading
Ivy Wilson Coach’s Award: Varsity Cheerleading
Drew Boyett Kingdom Athlete: Varsity Cheerleading
Sydney Taylor Most Spirited: Varsity Cheerleading
Caleb Kendrick Kingdom Athlete: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Lydia Sancinito Kingdom Athlete: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Colton Mathis Most Improved: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Kennedy Morton Most Improved: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Christian Jackson Most Valuable: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Julia Kendrick Most Valuable: Jr. Pro Cross Country
Miley Clements Kingdom Athlete: MS Cross Country
Ethan Johnson Kingdom Athlete: MS Cross Country
Graham Anderson Most Improved: MS Cross Country
Victoria Vega Most Improved: MS Cross Country
Ethan Kelley Most Valuable: MS Cross Country
Joy Kendrick Most Valuable: MS Cross Country
Caroline Mathis Kingdom Athlete: Varsity Cross Country
Nathanael Sancinito Kingdom Athlete: Varsity Cross Country
Nicolo Galiano Most Improved: Varsity Cross Country
Olivia Williams Most Improved: Varsity Cross Country
Anna Kendrick Most Valuable: Varsity Cross Country
Jordan Roberts Most Valuable: Varsity Cross Country
Caleb Wiley Best Defense: Varsity Football
Ketavion Curry Best Offense: Varsity Football
Zachary Davidson Kingdom Athlete: Varsity Football
Randi Harrelson Best Defense: JV Volleyball
Laney Heard Best Offense: JV Volleyball
Conner Knuckles Kingdom Athlete: JV Volleyball
Arabella Davidson Co-Best Offense: MS Volleyball
Kyla Raven Co-Best Offense: MS Volleyball
Caroline Dougherty Kingdom Athlete: MS Volleyball
Alyson Adams Best Defense: Varsity Volleyball
Abby Adams Best Offense: Varsity Volleyball
Gracyn Holt Coach’s Award: Varsity Volleyball
Emily Walker Kingdom Athlete: Varsity Volleyball


Sophomores Head to Clarkston

This past weekend, the sophomore class headed to the town of Clarkston near Atlanta to go on their annual domestic mission trip. The Clarkston area is known for its diverse population of refugees from countries all over the world including nations in the Middle East and Africa. This experience has become a part of our sophomore Bible curriculum as the students study missiology and, more specifically, the life of Paul. It is meant to introduce the students to their first real experience with missions work. It is an excellent capstone experience for this unit.

Campus Pastor Jeremy Davidson has been going to this particular ministry in Clarkston for over 10 years since his days as a youth pastor in Fayetteville. He connects with a North American Mission Board missionary to these people groups named “Mr. Bennett.” Following a manual labor, work session, Mr. Bennett led the students through a special presentation Saturday morning to help them become ‘mission-minded’ before they went out and ministered to the people.

When we arrived at an apartment complex with a heavy refugee population, the students were met by a large throng of children playing in the apartment complex playground area. As the students moved through the crowd, the refugee children responded to our students in such a personal and genuine way. After just playing with and loving on these children on a cold afternoon, they broke up in groups and conducted prayer walks throughout the complex. When the time came to leave, it was hard for both the refugee children and our students to say good-bye–but in a few short years, the Class of 2020 will return to the apartment complex on their Senior Trip to reconnect with these wonderful people.

SCA Announces Vickie Davis Memorial Scholarship

Written by: Headmaster Dr. Brian Dougherty

Last month, our school and church family lost a very special friend in Mrs. Vickie Davis. Tragically, Vickie succumbed to the scourge of cancer; but those close to her know the disease did not take away the joy and peace that she found in her relationship with Jesus Christ. Vickie faithfully served not only the body of Christ at Sherwood Baptist Church, but the students of Sherwood Christian Academy for 20 years before retiring in 2015 to tend to her health needs.

Vickie was absolutely sold out to Christian education and always had a heart for students who needed some extra encouragement. She was an engaging teacher who was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help students experience meaningful, hands-on learning. Mrs. Davis is credited with starting our 7th grade tradition known as Driftwood—an outdoor education field trip to St. Simon’s Island each year. She also took a team of students to the Future City Engineering Competition in Washington D.C. after winning state in the spring of 2014. But what impressed me most about Vickie was how she always drew Christ into the conversation. She understood the essence of a Christian education—that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to unlock the heart of a student to help each of them reach their full potential. Vickie was often found praying for her students to this end.

Before her memorial service, I was presented with the idea to honor Vickie with a scholarship fund in her name. I thought this gesture was so fitting. Vickie’s heart was for any student desiring a Christian education to receive one. This special scholarship will be designated to help families who financially need some extra help to make this a reality. A lead donor has come forward to offer a matching gift challenge of $10,000 to help get the fund started. For every dollar that comes in for this worthy cause, it will be matched until the end of the fiscal year. Would you consider joining other donors in making a matching gift to the Vickie Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund to make a Christian education possible for needy students? You can send in your check made out to SCA with Vickie Davis in the memo line to the attention of the Headmaster at Sherwood Christian Academy, 1418 Old Pretoria Road, Albany, GA, 31721. Thank you for your prayerful consideration to honor both the legacy of Mrs. Vickie Davis and to help deserving students receive a Christian education at SCA.

Great Turkey Race

Every year at SCA, students raise money and bring food in for The Lord’s Pantry, all while incorporating friendly competition into the process. Throughout the year, grades compete with each other to earn points for our field day event known as Sherwood Cup. The grade that brings in the most for The Lord’s Pantry receives 500 points (the most we give for one event all year).

Each grade set a goal for the amount of money and food they were going to try to contribute. Students then brought in the food and money over a two-week period before Thanksgiving break.

The middle school’s goal was to collect 1,000 food items and $650. The high school’s goal was to collect $1,470 dollars and 1820 food items. The elementary grades do not participate in the competition but they do bring in food for the Lord’s Pantry.

Thank you to all students for participating and giving to The Lord’s Pantry! You have helped make a difference in the lives of others!

Thank You for Your Service!

On November 11th, Sherwood Christian Academy honored veterans with a special service at Sherwood Baptist Church. To begin the program, Headmaster Dr. Brian Dougherty welcomed all in attendance. The rest of the program was filled with moving speeches from students, a memorable flag folding, singing by the elementary students and One Voice group, as well as an entertaining rendition of USO.

SCA would like to thank all service men and women and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. After this year’s program, we realize just how high a price freedom truly costs. We can’t express how thankful we are for you, Veterans! Thank you for your service!

Sherwood Takes Future Cities’ Grand Prize

All of these teams represented SCA well in the competition last Saturday, January 24th in Atlanta, Ga.

Team Aquila Island

Julia Warbington, Dawson Whatley, Caleb Carr, Natalie Brock and Ana Skidmore

Team Powerville

Austin Roach-Delk, Payton Chambless, Thomas Waller, Hayden Rish, Harry Merritt

Team Crossway Village

Cameron McDonald, Jared Higdon, Nathan Roberts

Team Leelaville

Alex Love, Elizabeth Montgomery, Elizabeth Rigsby, Laurel Ann Wilkerson and Liza Langstaff

Won Best Transportation Award

Team Dorado Province

Nathanael Sancinito, Emily Whatley, Andre Orr

Won award for Most Sustainable Food Production and Best Futuristic City and…

The Grand Prize of Regional Champions for the State of Georgia

These three received a piece of luggage to use on their all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. in mid-February. There they will compete against 37 other regions in our nation’s Capitol for a chance to win the National Grand Prize of two weeks at Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. There they will go through astronaut training for two weeks this summer; a prize valued at over $3000 for each of them. In Washington, not only will they compete in the Future City event, but they will visit many museums, go on bus tours of the city, eat in some of the city’s finest restaurants, and possibly get to visit the White House and be honored as some of the nation’s best engineering and scientific thinkers of 2015.

These three students have worked tirelessly on their own time since school started. Since 7th and 8th graders were not required to participate in Future City as a class project this year, it is very admirable that they decided to add this heavy workload to an already full academic schedule. David Orr and Chuck Sancinito mentored the groups this year, providing valuable feedback as Emily, Nathanael, and Andrew worked through possible solutions to growing food items in an urban setting. Kim Sancinito worked with all this year’s Future City teams helping them prepared for their oral presentations, giving suggestions on how to answer any possible questions that the judges might ask.

Let’s congratulate all these students on their hard work this year and especially Team Dorado Province. They have all represented Sherwood Christian Academy well!

Author, Vickie Davis

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a great time every semester when we try to give SCA students some time to focus on spiritual growth. This year we were blessed to have Dr. Kurt Wise come and present to our students a case for Biblical, young-age creationism.  Dr. Wise is a biology professor at Truett McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia.  He is also the director of the Center for Origins Research at Truett.  Dr. Wise is considered one of America’s leading voices in the discussion supporting young-age creationism.

In chapel sessions each day, he brought a tremendous wealth of scientific knowledge to our students to help them in their understanding of this issue.  More importantly, Dr. Wise dug into God’s Word with our students to emphasize to them how critical it is for them to know and have faith in the Bible as the foundation for all of their beliefs on this topic and any other.  Dr. Wise also spent time in some of our Bible classes each day fielding a variety of questions.  He also spoke at Sherwood Baptist Church each evening presenting some scientific creationist theories that seem to be superior to evolutionary theories. It was a great week to dig into God’s Word and discover some of His truths as they pertain to this critical topic of Biblical, young-age creationism.

*Article by Jeremy Davidson

Thank you Dr. Wise for taking the time to come pour into our students this past week!

I Believe That We Just Won

On Friday, November 21st, the Eagles took on the Calvary Christian Academy Knights for the inaugural GICAA Division 1-AA State Championship title. There was a record crowd in attendance to watch the Eagles play for their first state championship. The Eagles held off the Knights 21-13 in the 4th quarter to take home the trophy.

The team’s record at the end of the season was 11-1. It was an honor to be a part of the inaugural season of the GICAA, a conference where sportsmanship and character rise above competition.