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Junior Class Ring Ceremony

On August 26, the Class of 2016 received their class rings at a ceremony surrounded by their families and their piers.  The juniors each chose a ring design that was unique to their personality and activity at SCA. This ceremony was followed by a reception in the cafeteria where the juniors had the opportunity to show off their new rings to their classmates and their families.

The tradition of the class ring goes back to the year 1906. The class ring is to be worn with the writing facing the person wearing it while they attend high school, and the student gets others to turn their ring. Once the student graduates, the ring is to be turned by someone significant and then taken off and faced outward. Then it is to be turned by the person wearing it to “lock” the ring. Signifying the “locking in” of the memories they accumulated during their high school years.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! To find out more about class rings, and the company we use to order our class rings from, visit www.jostens.com.