Charleston Gift Wrap Sale Totals

giftwrap 2018

Each fall, we begin the year with a school-wide gift wrap sale through Charleston Wrap. We are pleased to announce a record sale. Thanks to every family that participated and made this year’s sale a success!

As of Wednesday (September 19), we collected in cash and sales a total of $28,500! 

All elementary students collected ‘Zoo Crew’ key chains for every two items they sold. We were pleased to give out so many key chains this year! The top sellers will participate in the Zoo Crew Grand Prix Race to determine the overall winner in the elementary school. The finalists for the race will be announced next week in Chapel.

All secondary students who turned in sales received No HW passes and free jeans passes. The top sellers in the middle school and high school earned a Free Day Out of School! These two winners will be announced in Chapel next week as well.



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