Elementary School

Kindergarten’s New Promethean Board

IMG_2872The SCA kindergarten teachers are excited about the addition of the new Promethean board in their department Promethean boards use touch screen technology and are particularly good for this developmental age because as students write letters, match numbers, sort colors, and perform other tasks, they are crossing the midline of the brain and helping make connections between both hemispheres of the brain. Teachers have the ability to display different interactive games and activities allowing students to interact with the board through touch or a special pen.

Our Promethean board is mobile so it can be shared among the kindergarten classrooms. The teachers use educational apps interactively to reinforce letter recognition and sounds, reading one- and two-vowel words, and words with special sounds. The students also review numbers and sequencing, colors, and patterns. With the interactive board, they can practice writing letters and words properly. Our resources are unlimited with this new technology in our classroom.

Technology today is such an intricate part of our daily lives, and our students have taken to our new board like a sponge to water. It has been a very effective asset to our students’ daily learning.

Promethean is a company founded in Georgia that has specifically targeted the lower age levels of students with hardware and software that work in developmentally appropriate ways with younger students. The Promethean board we have lets students interact by touch with fingers creating a natural way for students to interact.

Fifth Grade Donut Creations with Dunkin’

After writing a persuasive essay on a new donut creation, fifth graders partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to create the winning treat. Congratulations to donut designer, Lillian Peavey, for the Earth Recycled Donut!

Students were able to create the donut, which was a vanilla donut, chocolate filling, green icing, chocolate and green drizzle on top with pretzel pieces and green sprinkles. Thank you to Dunkin’ for helping with this fun project!

Colonial Times Show & Tell

Early American history came to life in Mrs. Johnson’s fourth grade history class as the students participated in a “Colonial Times Show and Tell.” Students shared clothing, tools, toys, cooking/household utensils, and educational items appropriate to the time period. Through this activity, a much better understanding of the hardships of colonial life was realized by all.

First Elementary Chapel of the New Year

Elementary students enjoyed their first chapel of the year today. Coach Fyock recognized third grade for being the “High Five” winner, and Mrs. Orr presented AR awards. The students and teachers always enjoy “Good News.”

Today was special as we celebrated students who have recently received Christ.  We welcome two new elementary students, Greta and Emmie Runyon.

Pastor Mark Scardino spoke to the students about our position in Christ and how this helps us not to “worry” but learn instead to trust Christ with our daily concerns. Bethany was here to lead us in music. Chapel is always a special time in our week!

Tanya Crevier Performs at Elementary Chapel

Elementary students had a blast at chapel this morning! Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee Tanya Crevier led us with a message of enthusiasm and hope and performed incredible basketball demonstrations.

Tanya Crevier has traveled the world sharing her unique basketball handling skills and inspirational message of motivation. Her accomplishments include:

  • National Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame inductee – 2018
  • 3 years of Women’s Professional Basketball – WBL – Iowa Cornets 2 years & San Francisco Pioneers 1 year
  • South Dakota Hall of Fame
  • South Dakota State University – Distinguished Alumni
  • Billed as the ‘world’s finest female basketball handler’
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall of Champions inductee
  • Performed in nearly 40 countries and in all 50 States
  • Performed at College Basketball, WNBA & NBA halftimes
  • Performed at NBA Finals 2015 & 2016
  • Performed at halftime of 5 NBA All-Star Games

Thank you, Tanya, for sharing your talents and heart with us! Thank you to Jeff and Tiffany Carter for helping set up this amazing event!

Duke TIP Academic Adventure

SCA fifth grade students Tripp Roberts and Wesley Brooks attended the Duke TIP Fall Academic Adventure Day at the University of Georgia. Both students enrolled in the course “Cellular Gene-ius: An Introduction to Microbiology and Genetics.”

They learned about genes and DNA in human and plant cells. They learned genetic terminology and were introduced to Mendelian Genetics. They also constructed edible DNA models and learned how to predict genotypes of a particular cross using Punnett Squares. While learning about plant cells, they completed a hands-on lab and extracted DNA from strawberries.

The boys observed some of the other classes as well. Students in the “Shark Attack” class dissected a real shark and the “Aircraft and Spacecraft Design” class designed and built aircrafts and tested them outside on the campus lawn. So, the boys are excited about the possibility of taking another class in the spring!

Before and after class, they were able to squeeze in some sight-seeing on campus. The boys visited the historic UGA arches, shopped around in the bookstore, and stopped by Sanford Stadium. They had fun spotting some of the dozens of unique bulldog statues installed around the campus and Athens area.

Veterans Day 2018

On Friday, November 9, we celebrated our annual Veterans Day program at Sherwood Baptist Church. This tradition has become a school favorite each year. This day is set aside each year to be sure this generation and future generations remember to honor and thank those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today.

The program included the Parade of Veterans where the elementary students sang the ‘Military Medley’ to recognize each branch of our armed forces while 50 plus veterans came out on the stage to a standing ovation. Additionally, congregational patriotic songs that are being lost in our culture were sung.

Other program elements included: the 4th graders recited the ‘American’s Creed’ reminding us all what it means to be an American; the middle school choir One Voice sang two very powerful worship songs that pay honor to those, and, mostly importantly, Jesus Christ, who sacrifice much for us; and the kindergarteners performed their traditional, flag waving, ‘Grand Old Flag.’

The high point of the program was the annual flag folding ceremony performed by six seniors. This year, the flag was presented to Chaplain Major Robert Greene of the United States Air Force. Finally, SCA was presented with a commemorative American flag that flew over Camp Resolute in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 11, 2018, in our honor compliments of an SCA grandparent serving overseas.

Special thanks to all of our veterans who were in attendance; and our music teacher, Mrs. Vickie Knuckles, and Principal Mrs. Sylvia Hager, for putting together a fantastic program this year.

Fourth Grade Using New Technology in Classroom

Brad Hobbs, ordained pastor and son of Ann Hobbs, talked to Mrs. Hobbs’ fourth grade class about Bible translations of the New Testament via Zoom Room today.

At SCA, we connect with the world using state of the art technology as we reinforce biblical principles. We are “breaking the fourth wall” with technology. Thank you to our Technology Director, Vicki Davis, for helping to make this happen!