One Act Fine Arts Students Win State Championship

Bravo! Bravo! One Act Fine Arts students won the GAPPS region and state championships for their original play Berlin. The play was written in 2020 by SCA ’21 graduate Ashlynn Dapper and High School Fine Arts Director Brydon Fox, and it was featured as the annual fine arts play with packed out crowds at their performances in April 2021.

The play is based on a fictional story about loved ones separated by the Berlin Wall in the 1960s. The plot: The Berlin Wall goes up in 1961 Germany – separating families, friends and loved ones forever. They must stay connected by any means possible. Will a wall keep them apart? Who will risk it all for the life they’ve always dreamed of?

Berlin was shortened to fit within the length of one act for the One Act competition this year. Even with the shortened length, it still required 17 set changes!

“This was my first time competing at One Act competition, so it was a learning process figuring out how to cut the original script to under 55 minutes,” Fine Arts Director Brydon Fox said. “There were lots of conversations about the best ending for the show for this performance setting. In the end, everything came together!”

SCA’s One Act team was up to the challenge! After offering a free public performance at SCA, they crushed region competition where they won by one point, and then won the state championship on Monday, November 7. Ashlynn Dapper attended the state competition and witnessed her play win first place!

Connor Mathis was awarded “Outstanding Performer” at the region competition. Three SCA Fine Arts actors received individual awards during the state competition.

Fox said, “The competition was tough, but each performance of Berlin from rehearsals to region to state kept getting better and better! We have so many talented students. So proud of our Outstanding Actors who won medals at state – Hannah Albano, Connor Mathis, and Caleb Kendrick.”


David Albano 
Hannah Albano
Asher Bailey 
Benjamin Brooks
Kennedy Daniels
Caleb Kendrick
Connor Mathis
Colton Mathis
Addison Mingo 
Mary Grace Piper
Lydia Sancinito
Sophi Scardino
Caden Thomas

Kyra Bevel – Lights

Congratulations to the One Act team for an outstanding year!

Photography provided by Dan Mingo.

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