Meet Mr. Matthew Sheets! He is a veteran Pre Algebra/Algebra/Geometry teacher, Math Bowl Coach, and MathCounts Coach at Sherwood Christian Academy. Chances are, if you’ve gone through high school in the past 15 years at SCA, you’ve had Mr. Sheets for mathematics, and you know he loves routine — consistently beginning class by reading from Proverbs. Mr. Sheets is also known for his massive tie collection (he wears a unique tie to school every day!) and regularly reminds his students truths from Proverbs 14:23 and Proverbs 21:25.

One of his current 9th grade students said, “Mr. Sheets is patient and helps me understand math when I don’t get it the first time.”

Her fellow classmates agreed. “He’s a great teacher and a godly man,” added another freshman.

Bachelor of Science from Toccoa Falls College in Education with a concentration in math and science

YEARS LEADING IN EDUCATION: 22 years overall; 15 years at SCA

Graduated Suma Cum Laude
STAR teacher

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT TEACHING MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?: Seeing them grow both academically and in spiritual maturity.

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza or hot dogs

FAVORITE HOBBIES: I collect Jeff Gordon NASCARS and Nolan Ryan baseball cards.

AS A CHILD, WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP?: I was going to be quarterback for the Cleveland Browns when I was in elementary school.

SPECIAL MOMENT AS A TEACHER AT SCA: It is always special when former students come back to thank you for the part you played in their education.

WHY DO YOU BELIEVE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT? When I was growing up I went to a public school and then a private school before getting a chance to go to a Christian school beginning in 9th grade. I experienced the difference it made in my life not only academically, but also socially and spiritually.

We’re grateful for all the math and Proverbs Mr. Sheets has taught our students over the past decade and a half!

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