Elementary Homecoming Pep Rally

On October 9, the Thursday before Homecoming, the cheerleaders and a few football players put on a pep rally at the Lower Campus for the elementary students. The cheerleaders led the students in several cheers and gave them a preview of the routine they will perform at homecoming. Coach Covington let the students participate in “clap drill” and taught them several chants the football players do in the locker room and on the field. The football players also gave a drill demonstration of going “one-on-one.” The student pick Big Steven ended up being bested by Big Ben 🙂 Coach invited any junior football players to join the team in the locker room at 7:15 the night of the homecoming game, and a select few will even get to lead the team out on the field! After a spirit line, it was back to class for the elementary students and back to the Upper Campus for the cheerleaders and football players. It was a great time to spend together and see all the school spirit through every grade level!

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