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Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a great time every semester when we try to give SCA students some time to focus on spiritual growth. This year we were blessed to have Dr. Kurt Wise come and present to our students a case for Biblical, young-age creationism.  Dr. Wise is a biology professor at Truett McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia.  He is also the director of the Center for Origins Research at Truett.  Dr. Wise is considered one of America’s leading voices in the discussion supporting young-age creationism.

In chapel sessions each day, he brought a tremendous wealth of scientific knowledge to our students to help them in their understanding of this issue.  More importantly, Dr. Wise dug into God’s Word with our students to emphasize to them how critical it is for them to know and have faith in the Bible as the foundation for all of their beliefs on this topic and any other.  Dr. Wise also spent time in some of our Bible classes each day fielding a variety of questions.  He also spoke at Sherwood Baptist Church each evening presenting some scientific creationist theories that seem to be superior to evolutionary theories. It was a great week to dig into God’s Word and discover some of His truths as they pertain to this critical topic of Biblical, young-age creationism.

*Article by Jeremy Davidson

Thank you Dr. Wise for taking the time to come pour into our students this past week!

I Believe That We Just Won

On Friday, November 21st, the Eagles took on the Calvary Christian Academy Knights for the inaugural GICAA Division 1-AA State Championship title. There was a record crowd in attendance to watch the Eagles play for their first state championship. The Eagles held off the Knights 21-13 in the 4th quarter to take home the trophy.

The team’s record at the end of the season was 11-1. It was an honor to be a part of the inaugural season of the GICAA, a conference where sportsmanship and character rise above competition.

Homecoming 2014

If you were at the game last Friday, you could feel the school spirit! From the middle and high school grade floats, to the elementary spirit chain and the alumni attendance, everyone from K5 to graduating classes were out to support the Eagles as they took on Covenant Academy.

The themes of the floats were both creative and hilarious. One even featured a live goat….yeah you heard me right. A great job to all the classes for their creativity and hard work during spirit week. And a special thank you to all the elementary students who came out to the game, helped with the spirit chain and led the team on the field.

Our homecoming court looked OUTSTANDING! All the elected students were honored to represent their classes and made memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to Kenney Brown and Leigha Goolsby who were elected Homecoming King and Queen.

We had a great turn out of alumni as well. Over 45 alumni came back to the game to meet up with old friends, see the changes happening at their alma mater and reconnect with teachers whose influence lasted longer than their school years at SCA. The alumni tent highlighted classes celebrating their 20, 15, 10 and 5 year graduations. It was cool to see all the accomplishments of those classes!

And a win 41-6 topped off a great night! Thank you to everyone who made this night a success.

Elementary Homecoming Pep Rally

On October 9, the Thursday before Homecoming, the cheerleaders and a few football players put on a pep rally at the Lower Campus for the elementary students. The cheerleaders led the students in several cheers and gave them a preview of the routine they will perform at homecoming. Coach Covington let the students participate in “clap drill” and taught them several chants the football players do in the locker room and on the field. The football players also gave a drill demonstration of going “one-on-one.” The student pick Big Steven ended up being bested by Big Ben 🙂 Coach invited any junior football players to join the team in the locker room at 7:15 the night of the homecoming game, and a select few will even get to lead the team out on the field! After a spirit line, it was back to class for the elementary students and back to the Upper Campus for the cheerleaders and football players. It was a great time to spend together and see all the school spirit through every grade level!


It’s SPIRIT week at SCA and what a fun week it is going to be! Below is the schedule for each day of spirit week. Be sure to check back in with the blog next week to see all the great pictures from Homecoming week.

(Seniors should plan to stay at school all day for special after-lunch activities.)

MONDAY, October 6  

Nerd Day-Come to school dressed as a Nerd.

Chapel Schedule with senior court members giving speeches & HS voting for King & Queen.

1:57-3:10 PM          High School Meets in Gym after lunch

Game of the Day-Basketball

9th vs. 10th; 11th vs. 12th; consolation game; championship game

*Senior class to sell concessions

TUESDAY, October 7 

You are What You Eat Day-Dress like your favorite food.  (i.e. Wear a Mountain Dew T-shirt, or string boxes of nerds together as a necklace, etc.)

1:40-3:10 PM          High School Meets in Gym after lunch

Game of the Day-Soccer

9th vs. 10th; 11th vs. 12th; consolation game; championship game

*Senior class to sell concessions

WEDNESDAY, October 8 

Way Back Decade Wednesday-Dress from a certain decade.

1:40-3:10 PM          High School Meets in Gym after lunch

Game of the Day-Volleyball

9th vs. 10th; 11th vs. 12th; consolation game; championship game

*Senior class to sell concessions

THURSDAY, October 9

Animal Day-Dress in your favorite animal costume.

12:00-1:00 PM       Homecoming Court practices at the Stadium

1:15 PM                   Elementary Pep Rally participants leave UC

1:40-3:10 PM          All grade levels work on floats & banners

2:00-2:30 PM          Elementary Pep Rally @ Elementary School-2:00-2:30 PM


SCA Spirit Day-wear Red, White, Blue, SCA gear, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, etc.

Homecoming Day Schedule-3 academic classes & lunch finished by 12:30 PM

12:35-2:25 PM       All students, class sponsors, and grade level parents work
on class floats/vehicles & class banners

2:30-3:10 PM        Pep Rally @ the Secondary School in Gym
3:15-6:00 PM         Class banners to be hung at stadium on TOP fence above bleachers using zip ties. Final touches on class floats.
*Float/Vehicles to be parked on Pavilion side of stadium.
6:00-6:45 PM         Homecoming Court Pictures

6:45 PM                 Class Parade Vehicles line up on Pavilion Side in grade level order with 6th grade first

6:55 -7:10 PM        Homecoming Parade around Stadium

7:15 PM                  Elementary Spirit Link

7:30 PM                  Kickoff between SCA & Covenant Academy

Halftime                 Homecoming Court presentation

                                Crowning of 2014 King & Queen

2014 Homecoming Court

Take a second and get to know the 2014 Homecoming Court. A group of students selected by their peers to represent their various grades. Ladies and gentlemen who collectively in compass what it means to be a Sherwood Eagle. Here are the 2014 Homecoming Court representatives…

Freshmen: James Smith & Linda Hill


James has been at SCA for 9 years. His activities have included football, tennis, musical theater and One Voice Choir. He has achieved Scholar Athlete status every year in middle school as well as being given the “Christian Character Award” in 6th grade. His favorite Bible verse is Revelations 3:5.

Linda has attended SCA for 7 years. Her activities include Drama and Chorus. She was selected last year as the female recipient of the “Christian Character Award.” Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 12:2.

Sophomores: Darren Willis & Allison Romanesk


Darren has attended SCA for 11 years. He participates in football, soccer and the fall musical. He is currently the president of the 10th grade class. He was chosen for the “Christian Character Award” last year and is a member of the National Honor Society. His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13.

Allison has attended SCA for 2 years. She plays softball on the varsity team as well as on a traveling team. She is a scholar athlete and serves in the nursery at Central Baptist Church. Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:8.

Juniors: Jaron Thomas & Lilian Gathecn


Jaron has attended SCA for 3 years. He participates in football, chorale and track. He was the MVP for Track and Field for the shot-put both 9th and 10th grade years. He is currently the 11th grade class president. He also serves at his church, Rhema International Ministries on the youth and adult praise teams and the media ministry. His favorite Bible verse is 1 John 5:14-15.

Lilian has attended SCA for 2 years. She has been involved in musical theater and tennis. She was voted as the female recipient for the “Christian Character Award” for both her 9th and 10th grade years. She currently serves as the 11th grade chaplain. Her favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9.

Seniors: Ben Williams, Kenney Brown, Michael Hill, Leigha Goolsby, Sara Ryals & Kade Coates


Ben has attended SCA for 13 years. He has played varsity football for all 4 years, varsity soccer for 3 years, and varsity basketball for 1 year. He has also been a part of two school mission teams traveling to Uganda and Holland. He was the captain for soccer is 11th grade year and football his 10th grade year. His favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9.

Kenney has attended SCA for 12 years. He has played varsity football for all 4 years and varsity baseball for 3 years. He was voted All-Region in 2012 and 2013, Football National Underclassmen Most Valuable Player in 2013 and Football State Honorable Mention in 2013.  His favorite Bible verse is Psalms 1:1-3.

Michael has attended SCA for 2 years. He participates in basketball, soccer and student council. He is also the football film manager. He was in the top 100 AAU Basketball Players in Georgia. His favorite Bible verse is Romans 3:5-6.

Leigha has attended SCA for 8 years. She has been a varsity cheerleader for 3 years. She also enjoys horseback riding and had participated in competitive equestrian riding for 10 years. She is a member of the Dougherty County Saddle Club and of Deep Dixie Pleasure Horse. She is currently captain of the the varsity cheerleading squad. Her favorite Bible Verse is Exodus 14:14.

Sara has attended SCA for 7 years. She had been a varsity cheerleader for all 4 years and has also participated in dance for 10 years. She is currently captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. Her favorite Bible verse is Luke 1:45

Kade has attended SCA for 7 years. She has participated in variety cheerleading for 4 years and also enjoys doing musical theater, which she has done for 3 years. She is a member of Sherwood Baptist Church and leads a small group on Wednesday nights. Her favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.

Congratulations on the honor of being selected as this year’s Homecoming Court. Be sure to come out on October 10 to be there as all of these students are recognized and to see who is crowned Homecoming King and Queen!

Stadium Renovations

If you have been out to the stadium recently, you might have noticed a few changes. The new color is probably the first thing you noticed, followed by the upgraded press box and the re-boarded visitor bleachers. Then you saw the freshly painted concession stand, softball and baseball dugouts, and their respective press boxes. All structures looking good for the new sports seasons this school year. But how did it all happen?


Volunteers sacrificed their time and clean clothes to improve our school. Over 25 people came out over the summer to give the existing structures a new paint job. One man who went above and beyond was Thomas Broome. In the heat of summer, he pressure washed the entire stadium and other structures, and did A LOT of the painting himself. He might not have wanted any praise, but he is going to get it! Thank you Thomas for all your hard work. It did not go unnoticed, and we are so glad to have you on our team!

The press box structure was in need of an upgrade as well. Mitch Summerell handled the construction of our new press box which includes easy-care vinyl siding, rolling metal doors, ceiling fans and a new roof. Thank you for your work!

Sherwood Recreation also handled re-boarding the visitor bleachers. We are sure the visitors will be happy about that!

We will need more volunteers in the future for other projects. Stay connected by checking in with the Booster Club on how you can help.


Junior Class Ring Ceremony

On August 26, the Class of 2016 received their class rings at a ceremony surrounded by their families and their piers.  The juniors each chose a ring design that was unique to their personality and activity at SCA. This ceremony was followed by a reception in the cafeteria where the juniors had the opportunity to show off their new rings to their classmates and their families.

The tradition of the class ring goes back to the year 1906. The class ring is to be worn with the writing facing the person wearing it while they attend high school, and the student gets others to turn their ring. Once the student graduates, the ring is to be turned by someone significant and then taken off and faced outward. Then it is to be turned by the person wearing it to “lock” the ring. Signifying the “locking in” of the memories they accumulated during their high school years.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! To find out more about class rings, and the company we use to order our class rings from, visit www.jostens.com.

Elementary Beam Signing

On August 19, the elementary students were bused to the upper campus to sign a beam that will hang in the new elementary building currently under construction. They were excited to be out at the upper campus to see the construction and be a part of this building process. The variety of signatures and personalities were interesting to see, and boy were they well behaved!

Great job elementary school! We can’t wait until we are all at the same campus next year.

#33, Kenney Brown


Our own, Kenney Brown was just highlighted in an article in The Albany Herald. His work ethic and determination have garnered attention throughout our region. We are all so proud of you #33! Below is an excerpt from the article.

ALBANY — Over and over again, Sherwood football player Kenney Brown got slammed to the ground.

Right there in front of his teammates during an “Oklahoma” drill four years ago, the young freshman got tackled again and again and again …

But he kept rising to his feet, and that’s when Sherwood football coach Otis Covington knew.

“That’s when I knew that this kid was going to be special,” Covington said. “We put him up against a bunch of seniors, and they were wearing him out. Typically, kids will start to motor down when that happens, but Kenney kept getting up and asking for one more.”

To read the whole article click here.