Elementary School

Duke TIP Academic Adventure

SCA fifth grade students Tripp Roberts and Wesley Brooks attended the Duke TIP Fall Academic Adventure Day at the University of Georgia. Both students enrolled in the course “Cellular Gene-ius: An Introduction to Microbiology and Genetics.”

They learned about genes and DNA in human and plant cells. They learned genetic terminology and were introduced to Mendelian Genetics. They also constructed edible DNA models and learned how to predict genotypes of a particular cross using Punnett Squares. While learning about plant cells, they completed a hands-on lab and extracted DNA from strawberries.

The boys observed some of the other classes as well. Students in the “Shark Attack” class dissected a real shark and the “Aircraft and Spacecraft Design” class designed and built aircrafts and tested them outside on the campus lawn. So, the boys are excited about the possibility of taking another class in the spring!

Before and after class, they were able to squeeze in some sight-seeing on campus. The boys visited the historic UGA arches, shopped around in the bookstore, and stopped by Sanford Stadium. They had fun spotting some of the dozens of unique bulldog statues installed around the campus and Athens area.

Veterans Day 2018

On Friday, November 9, we celebrated our annual Veterans Day program at Sherwood Baptist Church. This tradition has become a school favorite each year. This day is set aside each year to be sure this generation and future generations remember to honor and thank those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today.

The program included the Parade of Veterans where the elementary students sang the ‘Military Medley’ to recognize each branch of our armed forces while 50 plus veterans came out on the stage to a standing ovation. Additionally, congregational patriotic songs that are being lost in our culture were sung.

Other program elements included: the 4th graders recited the ‘American’s Creed’ reminding us all what it means to be an American; the middle school choir One Voice sang two very powerful worship songs that pay honor to those, and, mostly importantly, Jesus Christ, who sacrifice much for us; and the kindergarteners performed their traditional, flag waving, ‘Grand Old Flag.’

The high point of the program was the annual flag folding ceremony performed by six seniors. This year, the flag was presented to Chaplain Major Robert Greene of the United States Air Force. Finally, SCA was presented with a commemorative American flag that flew over Camp Resolute in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 11, 2018, in our honor compliments of an SCA grandparent serving overseas.

Special thanks to all of our veterans who were in attendance; and our music teacher, Mrs. Vickie Knuckles, and Principal Mrs. Sylvia Hager, for putting together a fantastic program this year.

Fourth Grade Using New Technology in Classroom

Brad Hobbs, ordained pastor and son of Ann Hobbs, talked to Mrs. Hobbs’ fourth grade class about Bible translations of the New Testament via Zoom Room today.

At SCA, we connect with the world using state of the art technology as we reinforce biblical principles. We are “breaking the fourth wall” with technology. Thank you to our Technology Director, Vicki Davis, for helping to make this happen!

Charleston Gift Wrap Sale Totals

giftwrap 2018

Each fall, we begin the year with a school-wide gift wrap sale through Charleston Wrap. We are pleased to announce a record sale. Thanks to every family that participated and made this year’s sale a success!

As of Wednesday (September 19), we collected in cash and sales a total of $28,500! 

All elementary students collected ‘Zoo Crew’ key chains for every two items they sold. We were pleased to give out so many key chains this year! The top sellers will participate in the Zoo Crew Grand Prix Race to determine the overall winner in the elementary school. The finalists for the race will be announced next week in Chapel.

All secondary students who turned in sales received No HW passes and free jeans passes. The top sellers in the middle school and high school earned a Free Day Out of School! These two winners will be announced in Chapel next week as well.



Summer Reading Awards

2018 Summer Reading Challenge Winners


Overall Elementary School Winner: Micah Hall (5th Grade)


1st Grade

1st Place: Chaney Grubbs

2nd Place: Penelope Lane

3rd Place: Cameron Pettiford

2nd Grade

1st Place: Caleb Grubbs

2nd Place: Car’Jaedon Williams

3rd Place: Lauren Johnson

3rd Grade

1st Place: Maggy Haskins

2nd Place: Levi Davidson

3rd Place: Lauren Greene

4th Grade

1st Place: Emma Baker

2nd Place: Auraleah Leverett

3rd Place: KJ Bevel

5th Grade

1st Place: Ashley Haskins

2nd Place: Jack NeSmith

3rd Place: Aziah Harrison


Total Number of Pages School Wide: 75,334

Highest Grade: 2nd Grade with 27,151 pages read

Congratulations to all of the students for making this summer’s reading challenge a great success!

First Elementary Chapel

First through fifth grade students were excited to have their first elementary chapel yesterday.  We always enjoy hearing “good news” from each class and recognizing our new students. We also welcomed Mrs. Deborah Holman, our new second grade teacher, to our school. This was our first grade students’ first experience meeting with the elementary students. Thanks to Pastor Mark Scardino, Sherwood Baptist Church Children’s Minister, for speaking to us about our theme verse this year, and to Bethany for leading us in music and worship.

SCA Competes at State Geography & Spelling Bees

SCA sent five students to the GICAA State Geography and Spelling Bees in Greensboro. Geography Bee participants were 8th graders Jacob Lindsey and Caroline Dougherty. They competed against 24 regional finalists from across the state. Congratulations to Jacob Lindsey who placed 5th in the final round to medal for SCA!

Fifth grader William Greene competed for SCA in the Elementary State Spelling Bee. He competed against 18 regional finalists from throughout Georgia. William performed very well and finished 3rd in the state! Congratulations, William!

Middle schoolers Hudson Carter (7th) and Kyla Raven (8th) competed for SCA in the Middle School State Spelling Bee against a field of 17 regional finalists. They both competed very well with Kyla finishing in 4th place! Congratulations, Kyla! We are very proud of all of our state level participants!

SCA Competes in Spelling Bee


Four students from SCA competed in the GICAA South Region Spelling Bee on March 12 hosted by Sherwood Baptist Church. Students from ten different schools in the southern part of the state competed in two divisions: elementary and middle school.

Elementary representatives, coached by Mrs. Jill Johnson, were 5th graders Luke Bergrab and William Greene. The middle school, coached by Mrs. Jackie Byrd, was represented by 7th grader Hudson Carter and 8th grader Kyla Raven. The top two finishers in each division received medals and the top six finishers placed for state to be held next Monday in Greensboro.

Congratulations to William Greene for finishing in 1st place in the elementary division. Likewise, congratulations to Hudson Carter and Kyla Raven for finishing tied for 4th place in the middle school division! All three will represent SCA at the State Spelling Bee.

Elementary Chapel

Elementary students enjoyed “Music Week” in chapel today.  Thanks to Mrs. Knuckles for leading our chapel and to Mrs. Johnson for bringing back “Hagalina, Magalina.” It was such a fun morning!

Coach Fyock recognized three new students for the SCA Mileage Club, and Mrs. Orr presented our Accelerated Reader Certificates. Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Knuckles and all the elementary teachers had the opportunity to share what their favorite part of this school year has been so far. Teachers shared about the 100th Day of School, Dr. Seuss Week, Veterans Day, Christmas programs, fifth grade’s persuasive letters, animal notebooks, games in the classrooms, ministry projects to the nursing home, field trips, new teaching partners and Bible. Of course some of our favorite memories were the students who had shared in chapel this year that they had come to know Christ and been baptized. It was a very special chapel!

SCA Mileage Club

A.J. Short

William Greene

Colton Broome

AR Certificates

225 Points – Alexandra Collins and William Greene

75 Points – Lauren Watson and Lillian Peavy

50 Points – Evan Carpenter

25 Points – Kortney Berry, Anya Stephens, Myia Miles and Caroline Richards