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On Wednesday, July 30 at 9:30 a.m. the executive team of Sherwood Baptist Church and Sherwood Christian Academy will officially break ground on the new construction at 1418 Old Pretoria Road.

The new facilities will include eight elementary classrooms, a new kitchen and cafeteria, a media room, a new reception area and new administrative offices. Improvements to current structures will also be made. Those enhancements include bricking the exterior of existing buildings, adding energy efficient doors and windows, improving classroom lighting and a renovating the science lab.


SCA Headmaster, Dr. Brian Dougherty says, “I am looking forward to the impact this project will have on our school. The additional facilities and the upgrades will help us better serve our current families as well as the future generations yet to come to SCA.”

All of the changes are intended to position SCA for the future, while unifying its two campuses into one location. The unification will improve the functionality of the school as a whole and allow for better use of staff talent and skill’s across the school as a whole.